The Website Process

So you’ve decided the time is right and you’re in need of a new website for your business, but maybe you’re not sure where to start?

When you work with us, the process is simple. We’ve broken it down into manageable stages for you below.

The first step is to reach out to us using our Getting Started form. This will give us the initial information we require to determine if we will be a good fit to help you and to start the process. It’s important that you have a clear direction of what it is you’re hoping to achieve from your website, and it’s great if you have some initial ideas around the pages and features you’d like.

We’ll be in touch with you ASAP with some more discussion over email, and sometimes with a scheduled phone call. We’ll get to the bottom of everything we need to understand about your business and website needs, and prepare a thorough proposal for you to demonstrate what we will deliver, the value you will gain, and the investment involved. At the time of proposal acceptance, a 50% deposit is required to secure your project.

After your proposal is accepted, your site development will be scheduled in our system, and we will have mutual milestones to meet. From your end, this will primarily be around the preparation of your website content. This includes gathering all of your assets for your website, including logo files, branding, images, any relevant logins, and writing your text content. Your content is something you are responsible for, however it is an option to engage a copywriter to help with this. We will work with you over email, Dropbox and/or Google Drive to share your files for the website.   

Once we have all of your material, we can commence the design of your site. This involves conceptualising the homepage of your site, which sets the tone for the internal pages. All of our websites are custom designed (we don’t just “tweak templates”), and we believe this is an important planning step we take before diving into the development, to ensure your site is unique and effective.

We then use the design concept we created as the foundation for building your site in WordPress. This involves setting up your hosting and WordPress install, and installing and configuring themes and plugins. We create pages and posts, and craft their layout as we load all of your content. We also do behind the scenes work like creating and editing code to achieve the design and functionality required on the website, set up integrations, install Google Analytics, and complete the SEO on the site. You will receive a working, online preview of the site during the development stage.

In the final stages before we go live, we will complete testing of the site, to ensure it looks and works as expected on different devices. We test your contact forms and other functionality, and ensure there are no broken links in the site. We will update your domain records to connect it to the website hosting, submit your site to Google, and set up the SSL certificate. We prepare your updating instructions, and provide them to you with a detailed email that contains your logins and passwords, and other helpful information. The remaining 50% payment is due prior to going live. You can now share your new website with the world, we have done it! We also provide a 14-day support period after going live with your site.